Aaron and Cynthia Bounds

Pastor Aaron Bounds and First Lady Cynthia Bounds were born and raised in the beautiful hills of West Virginia.  Pastor Bounds graduated from West Virginia University Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. Sister Bounds holds a Bachelors in Dental Hygiene from West Virginia University. They evangelized for 7 years before moving to Zanesville in 2004 to become Youth Pastor.  God elevated them to the role of Senior Pastor in 2007. The church continues to thrive in Zanesville. They also have seven daughter work campuses around Southeastern Ohio and works in Central America and Southeast Asia.

Along with their four children: Laken, Sawyer, Jillian and Finn, the Bounds family reside on a small farm in rural Muskingum County. The three oldest children are already involved in ministry within the church and all the children are involved in Bible Quizzing.