Children are a vital part of The Anchor Church. It is our great privilege and responsibility to nurture, teach and train them. We work to help our kids develop into God-centered individuals who love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Our programs focus on relevant lessons, stimulating music, and dramatic interactions.

In other words-learning about Jesus is FUN!

Sunday School

  • Outlets Nursery – ages 12-24 months
  • Short Circuits – ages 2-3
  • Mini-Watts* – ages 4-5
  • Live Wires* – ages 6-7
  • Transformers* – age 8
  • Kidz Connection* – age 9
  • Grounded* – ages10-11
  • KYNETYK Jr. High Classes** – ages 12-14
  • KYNETYK Sr. High Classes** 15-18
  • *These classes begin in the Kynetyk area for Synergy Worship/Choir Practice
  • **These classes are in the sanctuary at 10:00 AM and dismiss to class during the offering.

Synergy Kids Worship

On Sunday Mornings, at 9:45, bring your children ages 4-11 to the Kynetyk area for a time of worship and rehearsal for Synergy Kids Worship. Children are given opportunities to let their talents shine, while worshiping our Creator and Savior through singing and music.

Wednesday Power Hour

Children ages 4-11 are invited to join us Wednesday evening for Kids Power Hour. Come experience a special time of music, activities, and fun-filled antics that will provide your children with the knowledge of who God is and that serving Him is the ultimate experience.

Children will begin service in the main sanctuary, then dismiss to KPH