Anchor Youth

Anchor Youth are the student’s of the Anchor Church that are completely in love with Christ from 12- to Graduation! We’re a group of students whose lives have been completely changed by God! We absolutely cannot stand BORING church. Our services are contemporary and much different than your average “church” service… We like movement, guitars, drums, loud music, games… all the stuff that makes serving God fun!

So come visit us some Wednesday night @ 7:00… and have “A Moving Experience With God”

C2 (College & Career) is the the Anchor Church ministry for college students and young adults in the workforce. If you’re seeking a degree, or starting a career, this group is for you. Through Godly leadership and practical insight, this ministry is sure to help you find your way through this difficult and exciting time in life! We have intermittent classes that are available to aid and attain in this stage of life.